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Need to Budget for Your Junk Removal Job?

Learn about the prices for our junk hauling services in the Westminster & Aurora, CO area

Hauling junk can be expensive. From expensive rental trucks to purchasing protective gear like gloves, your easy junk removal project can quickly turn into a pricey job. Instead of wasting your money on renting a truck, consider reaching out to Junk Nation, LLC. We offer top-notch junk removal and hauling services for homeowners and business owners throughout the Westminster & Aurora, CO area.

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Check out our low prices

We provide honest and transparent pricing for your convenience. A minimum truckload is only $190!

Our other prices are as follows:

*minimum truck load = $190

  • 1/4 truck (7 cubic yards)- $360
  • Half truck (14 cubic yards)- $610
  • 3/4 truck (21 cubic yards)- $820
  • Full truck (28 cubic yards}- $1099
Our 16 foot box truck can carry up to 28 cubic yards.

Sizes or loads that are between our pricing guide will be priced based on a sliding scale upon consultation. Contact us today for more information.

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Additional Charges apply for the following for proper disposal:

Tires (no bigger than light pick up truck size):

  • $10.00 with wheels
  • $7.00 without wheels

  • Flat screens up to 32" - $25.00
  • Flat screens 33" and up $50.00
  • PC Monitors Flat screen $10.00
  • PC Monitor CRT $40.00
  • OLD CRT TV's (not in a cabinet) $40.00
  • OLD CRT TV's (inside a wood cabinet) $90.00

Older Projector style televisions? Too many types to list! Call us!

Hot Tubs
  • Up to 4 person- $400.00
  • 5+ person- $500.00

Mattress and box springs?
Up to 2 included in each base truck load.
Each additional mattress or box spring (beyond two) is 30.00 each